High School Students

High school students are often told they need to prepare for college, to choose a life path as soon as possible. Well, at CTEC, we think differently.

We don’t believe you have to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life as a high school student. We also believe that not everyone is meant for a four-year university. Instead, CTEC gives you opportunities to explore different career paths and find one that’s best for you. Students who have successfully completed trade-specific coursework are also eligible to participate in a hands-on internship program. At CTEC, we know there are many paths to success, and we’re to help you find yours.

Are you a Southeast Kansas high school student that’s tired of the traditional classroom? Do you want a more hands-on, real-world learning experience? It sounds like CTEC may be the right place for you!

Are you a high school graduate that’s looking for an affordable way to get a great skilled trades education locally? Maybe you’re a college student considering a two or four-year degree, and want to minimize student debt?

CTEC may be a good fit for you. Call us to schedule a tour, or click the link below to be redirected to the Resources page, where you can learn more about enrollment and scholarships.

Adult Learners

Is it time for a career change? Are you looking for a brighter future for yourself and possibly your family? Want to learn the skills you need right here in Southeast Kansas? Then it sounds like CTEC may be a great place to start.

Non-traditional students and adult learners are welcomed - even encouraged - at CTEC. We know it’s a no simple task to learn a new trade – especially when you’re juggling other commitments like work and family. That’s why we open our campus for a variety of class times that could suit your needs, while also making the process towards certification as straightforward as possible.

Our goal is to make getting a skilled trades education affordable and accessible, then connect you with a local employer that needs your help. If you’re interested in investing in your future, click below to visit the Resources Page, where you can learn more about enrollment and financial assistance.

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